Bunker Quantity Survey

Before the start of bunkering, our attending surveyor will measure the barge tanks and receiving vessel tanks.
The sampling equipment will be prepared and the sample container fixed in place.
The sample will be collected, usually from a manual drip sample, located either at the barge manifold or at the ship’s bunker manifold.It is usual for the barge to get a document signed by the receiving vessel, called a master’s requisition, confirming the quantity, quality and often the ordered grades to be pumped and the pumping rate requirement.

The operation starts slowly in order to check that there are no leaks and that the oil is going where it is supposed to go.
It will then speed up for the optimum transfer speed before slowing down to finish off.
After completion, the barge will either use air to displace the oil left in the bunker lines or use gravity to allow oil remaining in the line/hoses to drain back to the barge.
After clearing the bunker lines, the final manual measurement by our attending surveyor will be taken on the bunker barge and the receiving vessel tanks.
A Bunker Quantity Survey involves an approved surveyor, taking measurements on board of the delivery barge and the receiving vessel before and after transfer of oil takes place.
The measurements taken by the surveyor are then used to determine the quantity of the delivered oil.
The quantity that has been delivered from the barge and received by vessel should be the same.
In case of any difference, this shall be highlighted and investigated.